The Fellows Program

It’s a full-immersion year, loaded with intentional learning opportunities and practical hands-on experience in family living, discipling youth, and working in the marketplace. Fellows work three days a week in a part-time, paid work placement. Whether you know exactly what you want to do, or are still figuring it out, this position helps you gain valuable, real world experience while learning what you want to pursue. You will also learn how your faith informs your work, no matter what it is. Click here to visit their website.

The Timothy Program

In order to train young pastors to develop churches that equip their members to join faith, vocation and relationships in an integrated life vision, the Timothy Program offers a three-year experience combining parish ministry with studies in practical theology, as well as leadership coaching with related training. Through the program, we have planted the following active churches: Christ Church Vienna, Christ the King Alexandria, Incarnation Church, Redeemer Anglican Church (Richmond), Restoration Arlington, and Winchester Anglican. Click here to download a PDF with more information.

The Associate Timothy Program

With the changes in seminary education over the past decade, there are now more ways to gain a theological degree than in the past. The Associate Timothy Program is an attempt to decrease the time and costs associated with getting a seminary education and to improve the effectiveness of practical training and preparation for ministry in the Anglican Church, while eliminating the need to relocate. The key elements of the program include achieving a Master of Theology degree, receiving effective training in pastoral ministry within the context of parish ministry at our church, and ordination in the Anglican Church after completion of the program.

CORE Student Leadership

Core is a program for students who are longing for something more. More community, more growth, more understanding, more leadership, more impact, more knowledge, more fun, more faith, and more God. This is a program set up for those who want to grow and make a difference in the world. Core is open for students in Grades 7-12. Click here for more information.