“Only let each person lead the life that the Lord has assigned to him, and to which God has called him. This is my rule in all the churches.” - I Cor. 7:17

+ Confirmation

Confirmation is the means by which a person becomes a full member of the church. It is the ceremony whereby candidates confirm their commitment to Jesus and the promises made for them or by them in Baptism. During the Confirmation ceremony, the Bishop lays-on hands and prays for strengthening in the Christian life. The congregation joins in prayer for all the candidates.

Confirmation Classes are available to high school-aged students and adults. In the Confirmation Class candidates prayerfully study Biblical truths such as the Trinity, the Old Covenant, the Ten Commandments, Sin and Redemption, the New Covenant, the Creeds, the authority of the Holy Scriptures, the Church, Ministry, Prayer and Worship, the Sacraments of Baptism and Communion, and Christian Hope. Candidates for Confirmation who have not previously been prepared to receive Communion may do so during and after the Confirmation ceremony.

Contact Erin O'Keefe for all the details and check out the New to The Falls Church page too.

+ Baptism

The first step towards membership is declaring your Christian baptism. Once your information has been received, you will be recorded as an active baptized voting member of The Falls Church Anglican. Here’s a little more information on baptism and its significance.

Holy baptism is the sacrament by which we celebrate God’s redemption and adoption of us as his children, an outward and visible sign of an inward and spiritual grace in a person’s life and relationship with God. It marks our birth and membership into Christ’s body, the Church, and union with Christ in his death and resurrection, forgiveness of sins, and new life in the Holy Spirit.

If the person baptized is an infant, the sacrament has one meaning. If the person baptized is an adult, the meaning is somewhat different. But whatever the age of the one baptized, baptism is the birth rite of the worldwide Christian church. We know from our own experience that, as we pass from one milestone to the next, some rite is often performed. An immigrant who becomes an American citizen participates in the rite of becoming a citizen. A civilian who joins the armed services participates in a similar rite of passage. The rite speaks to both the individual and the whole community that an important and life-changing moment in a person's life is taking place.

In just the same way, when one becomes a member of the Christian family, either by being born into a Christian home or by deciding for himself that he has come to believe in Christ as his Lord and wants to join the church, a definite rite or ceremony is performed - baptism.

CLICK HERE to view our baptism forms and FAQs. If you are interested in baptism for a child, complete the forms and email them to our baptism coordinator Anne Fitzpatrick. If you are interested in baptism for yourself, email Mary Allen. After the information is submitted, Mary will be in touch to make an appointment with you to meet with a clergy member. At the clergy meeting, you will be able to confirm the date for baptism and determine whether any additional requirements are needed prior to that date. You will attend two baptismal classes prior to baptism (held from 11:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m. on the two Sunday mornings prior to the baptism date) and attend the baptism rehearsal on the morning of the baptism. Questions? Call our baptism coordinator (571-282-6222).

+ Membership

We encourage all who consider The Falls Church Anglican to be their spiritual home to become official members of our church! Why become a member? Membership shows that you are committed to and in agreement with The Falls Church Anglican's mission, ministry and community. As a member you are eligible to:

  • participate more fully in our church community;
  • answer any call to serve or lead in the church;
  • vote in local meetings and vestry elections.

To become a voting member, please click here to access our Voting Membership Application. We will be asking for your baptism information as part of the process. If you hold voting membership at another church, regardless of denomination, please put that down on the application. This also includes our daughter churches or any other Anglican church under ACNA. Once completed, you can submit the form to Stephanie Subu, Database Specialist & Membership Records. Please attend the Connect Class as soon as possible to learn more about what we believe, how to be involved, and get to know other members, staff, and clergy of The Falls Church Anglican

For a deeper level of commitment, you can register for our Confirmation class, which dives deeper into the traditions of the Anglican church, church history and biblical teachings. You will be prepared to participate in the Confirmation service, to be welcomed by the Bishop formally into the Anglican church. Confirmed Members can stand for Vestry as well as represent The Falls Church Anglican at regional, national, and global Anglican synods and assemblies.


Wendy Boning
Baptism Contact (Adults)

Preston Hansen
Baptism Contact (Middle and High School)

Rebecca Larson
Baptism Contact (Infants - Grade 5)

Erin O'Keefe
Connections Coordinator

Stephanie Subu
Database Specialist and Membership Records