Archived Events

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NOVEMBER 20, 2021: Synod

JUNE 27, 2021: The Rev. Sam Ferguson led us in our Visioning Evening called “What Is God Asking of His Church?” We gathered, listened, talked, and prayed about God’s vision for our church family and our community.

NOVEMBER 19, 2021: Friday Holy Communion | DOMA Synod

MAY 24, 2021: Our Women’s Ministry Evening of Worship & Praise featured a special message from Libby Cannizzaro called "From the Inside Out: How Jesus Transforms Hearts and Lives.” The evening honored Laura Hill as she stepped down from her ministry role as Women’s Coordinator.

Falls Church Forums

Our Forums provide a public space where we put important topics on the table, host a speaker, and have a Q&A. We engage in conversations from a christian perspective, but everyone is welcome to attend regardless of perspective. Our goal is for our church family to engage in conversations that matter and to create a safe space where guests can ask questions and learn about how christians view topics. Whether you join us in person or online, welcome!

OCTOBER 24, 2021: CAMERON COLE (MA in Education, Wake Forest; MDiv, Reformed Theological Seminary) is the Director of Children, Youth, and Family at Cathedral Church of the Advent in Birmingham, AL. In addition, Cameron is the founding chairman of Rooted Ministry, an organization that promotes gospel-centered youth ministry. In our forum, Cameron spoke on “Offering Gospel Hope & Freedom to the Anxious and Stressed-out Young Person.”

JULY 18, 2021: RACHEL GILSON (BA in History, Yale; MDiv, Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary) is on CRU’s leadership team for theological development and culture in Boston. She is also the author of Born Again This Way: Coming Out, Coming to Faith, and What Comes Next. In our forum, Rachel spoke on “The Bible and LGBT+ Questions.”

JUNE 20, 2021: ISAAC ADAMS (MDiv, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) is a pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, DC, where he lives with his wife and three children. He is the founding host of United? We Pray (—a podcast devoted to prayer about racial divisions in churches. In our Forum, “Why Is It So Hard to Talk About Race?,” Adams spoke on how we can have a better idea of how to love one another through talking about race, what to expect when we engage in conversation, and what Scripture says about these topics.

SEPTEMBER 20, 2020: DR. GEORGE YANCEY (PhD, University of Texas) is a professor of sociology at Baylor University, specializing in areas such as anti-Christian bias in culture, biracial families, and race and ethnicity questions. He is the author of Beyond Racial Gridlock: Embracing Mutual Responsibility (InterVarsity Press, 2006), a book that both critiques secular approaches to dealing with racial tensions, while also offering an alternative, Christian framework for healing. In our Forum, “Beyond Racial Gridlock,” Dr. Yancey shared his vision of hope for moving forward.