“At a time when many in our society face uncertainty and challenge, as a church family we’ve seen new energy, great generosity, and unity around our love for Jesus Christ. You are central to the vibrancy of our local church, and we are grateful to have you as part of our family. Two years ago, we joyfully settled into our permanent home. One year ago, amidst worldwide health concerns, we carried on – never missing a Sunday of worship. And now, we sense we are in a moment of stepping forward in what God is calling us to be and to do. A vision for TFCA is coalescing, rooted in God’s ancient call on His Church, and centers around three things: Discipleship. Community. Mission.

Even though Commitment Sunday has passed, you can still submit your pledge of support for Christ’s church at The Falls Church Anglican and His vision for us. You can make your pledge online below, mail your pledge card to the office, or pick up a pledge card at an upcoming service and put it in the offering plate.

Please prayerfully consider what is best for you and your family.”

- Sam Ferguson

You are welcome to submit your pledge to any of the below options


Additional: We are now working to reduce the mortgage debt on our 6565 Office Building. Reducing our mortgage balance will have the long-term benefit of generating additional funds available for the church’s mission. we are now working to reduce the mortgage debt on our 6565 Office Building. For example, reducing our outstanding mortgage by $10 million would result in additional cash available to the church for mission of $572,000 on an ongoing annual basis!