The Role of the Vestry

The vestry members are the elected, lay leaders of our church. We view church leadership as the joint responsibility of the rector, the vestry, and the staff, and the partnership between all these leaders is quite remarkable. The rector exercises final oversight of the spiritual life of the congregation while the vestry oversees the temporal. However, there is a total sharing of responsibility– the vestry is as concerned about spiritual formation and worship and outreach as it is about finances. The clergy and staff are as involved in temporal matters as in spiritual.

In early 2022 we will select, through online voting, six new vestry members. Click here to learn more about how to vote.

Click here to learn more about vestry duties.


Class of 2022
William Barratt
Jeffrey A. Bloom
Linda Christie, Junior Warden
Rob Petillo
Chris Roth, Senior Warden
George Ward

Class of 2023
Jess Blanchard
Morna Comeau
Jeanne Domenech
Josh Simmons
Dan Tello
Marc Wheat

Class of 2024
Peggy Aderton
Anne Gentry
Whit Jordan
Rachel Medefind
Randall Rhodes
Bassem Youssef

Ex Officio
Sam Ferguson, Rector

Supporting Roles
Curt Yeo, Executive Director
Scott Ward, Chancellor
Tom Yates, Vice Chancellor
George W. Connors, Treasurer