the Role of the Vestry

The vestry members are the elected, lay leaders of our church. We view church leadership as the joint responsibility of the rector, the vestry, and the staff, and the partnership between all these leaders is quite remarkable. The rector exercises final oversight of the spiritual life of the congregation while the vestry oversees the temporal. However, there is a total sharing of responsibility– the vestry is as concerned about spiritual formation and worship and outreach as it is about finances. The clergy and staff are as involved in temporal matters as in spiritual. This year we will select, through online voting, eight new vestry members. All nominees are thoughtful, mature and experienced in their Christian faith and walk. Please pray and vote for the men and women you believe would represent our congregation well in the important matters that will be before us in the coming years.

Nominees standing for election to Vestry in 2022

Scroll down to rEAD ABOUT THE 12 CANDIDATES STANDING FOR THE six OPEN VESTRY SEATS IN THIS ELECTION YEAR. Candidates are: David Andrukonis, Alyssa DaCunha, Harold Dobbs, Tim Hackman, Rusty Ingraham, Kris Iverson, Steffen Johnson, Kelly McFadden, Esther Powell, George Quillin, David Seawright and Robert Teply

David Andrukonis

I have been a member of The Falls Church Anglican for almost 40 years. We started coming to the church shortly after our first child was born. We now have 5 children and 11 grandchildren. My wife Barbara and I have always felt at home at TFCA, but I don’t think we realized how important that sense of home was until the pandemic. We attended online for many months but didn’t realize what we were missing until we came back in person. Now we have an even stronger understanding of how important corporate worship is and how blessed we are to be members of this wonderful church family. It has been great to see so many friends in person.

I spent 25 years in business and the past 15 years teaching math and science at Rivendell School. At Rivendell I have greatly enjoyed helping young people see the wonder of God’s world through science. My previous job gave me an understanding of the importance of strong financial stewardship.

 I have enjoyed serving the church in a variety of roles. Most recently I chaired the Building Steering Committee that oversaw the construction of our new sanctuary. This was a wonderful opportunity to see the body of Christ in action. I am amazed every Sunday at the miracle God performed in the life of our church. And it was a special joy for me to work with so many talented, dedicated team members on this project.

 Prior to that, I was on the Capital Campaign for the new building and served on the Vestry for three years during the time we lost our church home on East Fairfax Street. That seems so long ago, now! I also worked for 10 years in the children’s ministry when my kids were younger.

I consider it a privilege to serve a church and a God who has been so life giving to me and would welcome a chance to serve again on the Vestry.

Alyssa DaCunha

I have been blessed to call TFCA my spiritual home since 2018 and was formally received (confirmed) in 2020.  My husband Phill and I lead a home group and enjoy spending time in the Word and sharing fellowship with others over a good meal.  I have also been involved in the women’s Bible study group and have grown as a result of being part of the rich TFCA community around foster care and parenting young children.

 Prior to joining TFCA, I was a long-time member of a non-denominational church where I served as a Sunday School teacher and women’s ministry leader.  I had the privilege of growing up in a Christ-centered home and now serve at TFCA alongside my parents, who are also members and are involved in the healing prayer ministry.

 I live in North Arlington with my husband, Phill, and children: Eleanor (7), Naomi (5), Finn (20 months), and foster daughter (4 months). I work as an attorney specializing in the area of internal and congressional investigations and crisis management. In this role I counsel organizations and individuals on solving hard problems, usually in the glare of the media spotlight.

Harold Dobbs

I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. I came to know Christ at an early age under the hands of a spiritually strong and faithful mother, who demonstrated her faith in all circumstances. She established me in a prayer life and Bible study.

Prior to joining The Falls Church, Amy, my wife of 40 years, and I taught segments of marriage preparation classes at Fort Myer Chapel, VA. These classes were required by the Chapel for the highly demanded wedding venue. The focus of our classes was communication, creatively handling conflict, commitment and Christ in our marriage. In the 8 years we taught, we shared with almost a thousand couples and found that it was a sharpening tool for our marriage, particularly in regard to witnessing our faith in Christ.

 My wife Amy, our daughter Lauren, and I started attending the Falls Church in 1989 after being invited by Cathy and Barry Breen, the parents of our two godchildren. We joined The Falls Church (née Episcopal) the following year. We immediately felt at home in a variety of ministries. Our walk in faith has been nurtured through the strong Biblical preaching, community, discipleship and liturgy. Our daughter grew up in Cornerstone and now has been teaching in Australian public schools and Aboriginal children in the Australian outback for several years.

Professionally I am a retired Army Officer. My specialties were communications systems and mathematics. I am a Viet Nam veteran. During my career I served in a number of positions and duty stations in the US, Southeast Asia, and Europe. After retiring from the Army I progressed as manager and vice president at a large science and technology firm, managing multiple programs and projects in the commercial sector, federal and state governments, mostly in the field of my expertise. I retired from the same company after 27 years just in time to devote a big part of my energy and efforts to The Falls Church Anglican Building Steering Committee.

After joining TFCA I have continuously served and participated in the Worship Ministry, including choirs, praise band, orchestra and as a lay reader. I previously served on the Vestry from 1993 through 1996, and was Junior Warden in 1995 and 1996. Since 1996 I have served on the Personnel Committee. From 1996 through 2002 Amy and I managed parish retreat registrations for the Shrine Mont Committee, and chaired or co-chaired the committee for 2 of those years. This was a blessing to become familiar with every family that participated. After the acquisition of the 6565 Arlington Boulevard, on the Building Steering Committee I have provided project, budget and financial “headlights” for the improvements to 6565 for staff and ministries, design and build of our new garage and sanctuary. I collaborate these financial activities by participating on the TFCA Finance Committee.

 I have been especially blessed to witness God’s hand in The Falls Church Anglican’s journey. In everything we have requested and made known to God through prayer, I can point to instances how God’s loving hand has provided all that we possess and the grace to accomplish it, often in unexpected ways. I believe this experience and understanding of how TFCA programs and ministries seek His honor and glory being faithful stewards would be valuable serving on the Vestry. If I were called to serve on our vestry, it would be my privilege to be part of the team, with our extraordinary staff and volunteers taking us forward, as God leads.

Tim Hackman

I was raised as a Presbyterian in a solidly Christian home and joined the Episcopal Church after being married. I cannot remember a time when I didn’t walk with God, and vice versa. He has shared my joys and burdens. However, only as a young adult did I begin to understand the multi-faceted depth of God’s grace and love for us. This understanding continues to grow as I recognize that it is not sufficient to try not to “sin,” but that my decisions and actions should be pleasing to God and bring Him glory.

I have been a member of TFC, and then TFCA, since 2004, and have sung in the choir since then, continuing a treasured personal musical tradition since I was a youngster. In addition to participating in several hurricane mission trips, and providing volunteer tax and homeless shelter assistance, I have served on vestries at previous churches and have been honored once to serve as a Senior Warden. Some of the prerequisites of being a good vestry member are to be an open, transparent, and good communicator, and a fiduciary of God’s Word.

Secularly, I am a retired corporate attorney and executive. I have been on a number of non-profit boards, including in officer positions (e.g., education, parks, music, home construction), and done other volunteer work. Currently, I represent a Supervisory District on the Fairfax County Park Authority Board.

My soulmate and wife of 46 years, Lesley, is very involved in the prayer life of TFCA. We have two daughters and three grandsons, with whom we have the pleasure of sharing the love of Christ.

Rusty Ingraham

Born into a family where my parents loved the Lord (and me) and lived that out in practical ways, attending church and Sunday school where Bible truths were thoughtfully and lovingly taught, I, singly and memorably, gave my life to the Lord before kindergarten. Our church had good leadership and friends and pastors remain close friends; some were influential in my attending Moody Bible Institute where I majored in Bible-theology. Formal education was rounded out with a history degree from Lawrence University, Wisconsin. Overseas travel during college – from personal and study travel to short-term missions work in Africa introduced new cultures, peoples, ideas, and human circumstances. Entering the foreign service in 1985, I was deeply thankful to make The Falls Church my home for Christian teaching, fellowship and worship.

During early assignments at home, I sang in TFC’s choir and helped found the singles Salt and Light fellowship. Assignments abroad from Central and South America to Central and Eastern Europe and the Middle East gave opportunity for service in local congregations from teaching to church leadership and pastoral search. This journey informs my understanding of our season and circumstances.

In God’s timing, I met Ann Caroline Brown and we married in the historic church. Each other’s best friend, we’ve shared the challenges of our lively days. Our son Michael joined our adventure in 1999. At home, Michael benefited greatly from TFC youth ministries, where he, mirroring his mother and dad, made life-long friends. We worshipped and ministered for a time with All Nations DC, serving as small group leaders and helping technically on Sunday mornings.

In the Lord’s sovereignty, we now worship with you on a new campus a few miles from where we married and Michael was baptized. The white cathedral-style church with identifying cross aloft is visible to countless throughout a week and to those visiting the medical center seeking restored health. God’s overwhelming goodness is evident and my prayer is that TFCA continues to shine brightly and faithfully the light of the Gospel in word, prayer, song and worship, thus seeking and making disciples of new generations until the Lord comes. Christian education and fellowship opportunities for youth and adults, along with faithful/dynamic/effective preaching, underpinned with devoted worship, prayer and praise must remain central to the witnessing church.

Kris Iverson

I started attending The Falls Church in 1998 and was received into membership in 2000. I am grateful that the Lord led me to TFC, which has “walked the walk” of obedience and trust in God by helping to establish the Anglican Church in North America. And TFCA has been a church home that has helped me to grow in my faith as part of a strong community of other believers.

Since I have been at TFCA, I have participated in the choir, which is a wonderful fellowship and a rewarding activity. When I retired from full time employment in 2009, I have become more involved at TFCA. Currently, I participate in the Monday Women’s Bible study and serve as choir librarian. Since 2018, I have been a member of the Personnel Committee, and beginning in 2021 served as the non-member recording secretary for the Vestry. Last summer, I filled in for a few months on the TFCA staff as interim Director of Operations while the hiring process for a new director was underway.

Previously, I assisted the Rev. John Yates, who was the general chairman, with the logistics and administration of the 2014 Anglican Assembly in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. I was recently a delegate from TFCA to the Diocese of the Mid-Atlantic Synod held in November.

I have a B.A. in political science from DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana, and a M.A. in economics from George Mason University. Professionally, I served 26 years on Capitol Hill in various capacities, notably as Republican a staff director for what is now known as the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee, and as Legislative Director for Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah). In 2001, I was confirmed as Assistant Secretary of Labor for Congressional and Intergovernmental Affairs.

When the Israelites coming out of Egypt were stopped at the edge of the Red Sea, the Lord said to Moses “tell my people to go forward.” [Ex 14:15] TFCA should continue to go forward -- despite challenges or difficulties – relying on God’s promises and mercies. It would be my honor to serve this congregation and to assist our Rector in carrying out God’s plans for our church.

Steffen Johnson

I’m honored to stand for Vestry.  I came to know Christ as a child, but like many my faith became my own in college.  My wife Christine and I joined the church in 2005, have baptized and raised our five children here, and have experienced extraordinary ministry and friendships here.  I got to know the church in the throes of a seven-year court battle and have been privileged to take part in the worship team, men’s ministry, and various prayer initiatives.

God’s vision for this church is surely bigger than ours, and I hope to see us grow into the fullness of that vision—not just in numbers but in depth of intimacy with God and impact beyond our walls.  We have a tremendous foundation, tremendous resources, and tremendous people.  To whom much is given, much is expected.

I desire to see us not only plant new churches, but send out worship and youth leaders into the wider church.  I envision us expanding our ministry to the immigrant and lower-income communities that surround us.  And I pray that our young people would encounter the Lord and be raised up to lead the next generation.  May God make us an ever more fruitful priesthood of believers—grounded in the Word, full of the Spirit, serving the world with the love of Jesus Christ (Acts 1:8; Matthew 28).

Kelly McFadden

I first came to TFCA 18 years ago and being a part of the church has been one of the greatest gifts of my life. During COVID, I have been especially thankful for the opportunity to continue to worship and fellowship at the church.

I am originally from the Boston area, and was raised in a small Episcopal church led by a rector who preached the Gospel where it was unpopular to do so in the 1990s in Massachusetts. 

When I moved to Northern Virginia after college, I prayed for a church home. The Lord brought me to TFCA and here I met the person of the Holy Spirit, an experience that changed my life. Coming to TFCA week after week, I learned the importance of discipleship and being in close community with other believers.

I've had the privilege of serving in and benefitting from various TFCA ministries, including: leading the Women's Ministry's "Babes with Babes" group; volunteering as leader for the Youth Ministry; leading a TFCA small group for young married couples; and serving on the marriage ministry committee. 

I helped to plan a TFCA conference about healing prayer and marriage called "Wholeness in Oneness."  Recently, I was elected a member of the Ecclesiastical Trial Court for the Diocese of the Mid-Atlantic and served a three-year term.

My husband, Trevor, and I were married at the church and have three children: Katie (9), Will (7), and Susie (4).  I am an attorney and vice president at a public affairs firm where I advise non-profit, corporate, and philanthropic clients.

Esther Powell

My husband Charlie and I, with our daughter Tammy-two years old-, joined The Falls Church Anglican a little over forty years ago. Having been baptized as an infant, in high school I came to faith in Jesus Christ as my Savior. I grew up in an atmosphere of rich Christian doctrine which I loved. I didn’t realize that God wanted these rich doctrinal truths to become lived truths, rather than remain head knowledge, until he allowed me to go through a period of depression, brought on by the attempted suicide of a dear friend. For several years I struggled to understand what I called “Christianity at street level reality,” a struggle made all the more real during my training as a nurse in my Psychiatric and Emergency Room affiliations. But later, when I heard Major Ian Thomas of the Torchbearers teach that, “Your success in living the Christian life lies not in your ability but in your availability” to the life of Christ in you, I understood for the first time that the power to live the Christian life grows through faith in the Christ who wants to live his life through me by the Holy Spirit. Galatians 2:20 became so real to me, that I wondered for a time, if this was when I was truly born again.

 “I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me. And the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God who loved me and gave himself for me.”

After several years as a nurse, and then ministry in England and France, I returned to university for a B.A. in French, and later a M.Ed. I’ve had the joy of teaching in several schools in Virginia and Maryland, working on teacher development for many, serving as principal in, and becoming a cofounder of two. In Asia where we lived for seven years, I taught three years at a major university, and then spent four years training new believers in a closed country how to prepare curriculum and teach from a Biblical worldview, as they founded schools. Charlie and I love to spend time encouraging younger families, as well as single adults as they desire to follow Christ. I feel called, and love to teach Bible to women’s groups at TFCA. I served a brief nine months as coordinator of elementary age students in our Children and Family Ministry, before and during Covid. My hope for TFCA is expressed in Ephesians 4:15-16

“...speaking the truth in love, we are to grow up in every way into him who is the head, into Christ, from whom the whole body, joined and held together by every joint with which it is equipped, when each part is working properly makes the body grow so that it builds itself up in love.”

George Quillin

I grew up in Methodist and in Christian & Missionary Alliance churches, and came to faith in Christ as a teen.  I graduated from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, became an artillery officer, and served on active duty for eight years -- first with the 82nd Airborne Division at Ft. Bragg, NC, and then with the 3rd Armored Division in Germany (where I met my wife Sandy). 

Leaving the Army, I attended law school in South Carolina, then moved to the DC area for a two-year clerkship for a federal appellate judge.  After the clerkship, Sandy and I moved to Falls Church, and I practiced patent law, first with a boutique DC firm and then in the DC office of a large national law firm where I became a partner.  During that time, Sandy and I attended an Arlington congregation of the Presbyterian Church in America and I served on the session (that denomination's kin to a vestry).

Sandy and I have been parishioners at the Falls Church since 1998.  Over the years, we have attended Shrine Mont and other retreats with our two children and have hosted Bible studies and small groups in our home.  We have been greeters for many years.  For the The Falls Church Fellows program, we have been a host family for 14 different Fellows and have housed groups of Fellows from other programs in the country when they have come to DC for the annual conference.  For the past several years, I have served on the Fellows' Jobs Committee. 

I have previously served on the TFCA vestry.  Now retired from the practice of law, if in the providence of God I am elected again, I would welcome the opportunity to serve again.

David Seawright

I have loved being a part of the intergenerational community of TFCA for over 11 years. My wife Kendall and I hope and pray our three children, Taylor (4), Halle (2) and Jonathan (born in September) will come to know Jesus, walk with him, and love and be loved by the same deep Christian community we have experienced.

Early in my time at TFCA, I served in the Youth Ministry, leading a group of high school students in a small group from the time they were freshmen until they graduated from high school. I have also served on the Welcome Team, the Fellows Admissions Committee, and as a Sunday School Teacher in the Children’s Ministry. I have been an alternate delegate to our Diocesan Synod and I served on multiple Discernment Committees helping TFCA members who sense a call to ordained ministry through a careful and prayerful process of determining God’s will for their lives.

My wife and I helped start a small group seven years ago with several other married couples and young families and we are thrilled this group is still going strong today and welcoming new members. We have forged some of our strongest friendships at TFCA, and our prayer is that our church will provide a sense of family and deep friendships for decades to come, through shared joys and hardships.

I work at a data intelligence company located in Arlington as a Chief Revenue Officer. This role includes overseeing sales, marketing, and business partnerships along with additional management, finance and corporate governance responsibilities. I joined this firm over eight years ago as its second employee and I have relished the challenge of growing the business to where it is today, employing over 40 people.

My hometown is San Diego, CA and I studied Media Studies at the University of California, Berkeley, where I was actively involved in a campus ministry for athletes. Our move to the DC area was prompted by an opportunity to work on a Master’s degree in Communication, Culture and Technology at Georgetown University and since that time Northern Virginia has become our home.

One of my favorite free time activities is cooking a feast in my backyard with smoked meat for family, friends and neighbors.

I would be honored to contribute to leadership of our church by serving on the Vestry in this next season as we work together to implement the vision God has given for this church to impact the world through the avenues of faithful Christian community, discipleship, and mission.

Robert Teply

I’ve been a member of The Falls Church Anglican since 2007.  I live in Falls Church and work as a securities lawyer.  I’m married to Alison and we have four children — twin high school seniors, a seventh grader and a fourth grader.  TFCA has been a great blessing to our family as our children have grown up in the faith.

I’ve been involved in a variety of ministries over the years at TFCA.  I currently serve as an usher, am a co-leader of a small group and help organize the annual Father-Daughter Dinner Dance.  In the past, I have taught children’s Sunday School and volunteered at youth events, and during our tabernacling period, I was part of the set-up and take-down team.  

I grew up in Omaha, Nebraska, in the Lutheran church and particularly credit going to middle and high school church summer camp as deepening my commitment to be a lifelong disciple of Jesus.  Later as an adult living in England for a few years, our family began attending St. Nicholas Sevenoaks, an evangelical, bible-based Anglican Church, where I grew to relish the rich history and tradition of Anglicanism.

If I were to be selected to join the Vestry, I would be particularly interested in supporting our Worship and Music Ministry, our Children and Family Ministry (raising up the next generation in the church) and our Youth Ministry (spiritual formation for students as they mature into adulthood).  I deeply appreciate TFCA’s Bible-based teaching, set amid our Anglican heritage.  I am excited about what the Lord will do in the next chapter of our church, as we prayerfully and humbly seek to follow Jesus.